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Live: Today Win-Win Lottery Result 2019: Win-Win lottery inducement is apprehended on each Sunday. All Kerala lottery Voucher is signified by an alphabetic code, and “W” is win-win lottery code depiction comprises inducement number end to end with the code. The lottery voucher price rupees is Rs.30.

Kerala lottery sector issues the lottery in 10 sequences. Practically 108 lakh vouchers were given out for each day for a transaction. This lottery voucher has nine rewards with a solace award. The first award winner amount is 65 lakh.

This lottery is held on Monday. The foremost fascination of this lottery is that it prices just 20 rupees, and it offers a vast award amount of 50 lakhs for the initial award. Allowing to lotteries sector public is further concerned on the way to this lottery. This is the eldest lottery of entirely the present consecutively weekly lottery.

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Today Win-Win Lottery Results

  • Name: Win-Win Lotteries
  • Voucher Price: RS.  30
  • First Award: RS. 65,00,000
  • Day of Draw: Monday

Kerala lottery well-known as Win-Win has the first award of Rs. Sixty-five lakhs, the subsequent award of rupees 10 Lakhs, the third award of rupees 1 Lakh and a solace prize of rupees. 8000. The amount of an only voucher for the draw is rupees 30, and that of a reserve is rupees 750. The inducement for Win-Win Kerala is detained on Monday.

Prize Structure:

The Sector of Lotteries has been continuing out six weekly draws, two once every two weeks lotteries, and six bumper vouchers.

Kerala Win-Win Lottery Prizes updates daily lottery results chart, the cost of ticket is Rs.30/- including 12% GST! If you want to but lottery ticket check out our guide at Kerala Lottery results daily! தினசரி லாட்டரி முடிவு விளக்கப்படத்தை புதுப்பிக்கிறது, டிக்கெட்டின் விலை ரூ .30 / - 12% ஜிஎஸ்டி உட்பட! நீங்கள் விரும்பினால் ஆனால் லாட்டரி சீட்டு தினசரி கேரள லாட்டரி முடிவுகளில் எங்கள் வழிகாட்டியைப் பாருங்கள்!
1st Prize
Rs 6,500,000/-
Consolation Prize
Rs. 8,000/-
2nd Prize
Rs 1,000,000/-
3rd Prize
Rs 100,000/-
4th Prize
Rs. 5,000/-
5th Prize
Rs. 1,000/-
6th Prize
Rs. 500/-
7th Prize
Rs. 100/-


  • Vouchers will be published in seven sequences.
  • The supreme retail amount of one voucher will be rupees thirty simply. One reserve of tickets will contain twenty-five tickets.
  • The first and second awards will be drained in full, pending further down a certain lot of awards. The outstanding awards will be below flexible lot dependent upon a lot of vouchers.
  • The comfort awards of rupees 10,000 each will be conferred to the vouchers in a further six sequence, taking a similar number of first prize persuasive numbers.
  • The third award will be resolute by the representation of the preceding five numbers as soon as and drawn-out to all vended vouchers in the entire sequence.
  • The fourth award will be resolute by the portrayal of the preceding four numbers 12 whiles and protracted to all wholesaled tickets in total sequence.
  • The fifth award will be resolute by representation the preceding four numbers ten times and drawn-out to all sale vouchers in all sequences.
  • The sixth award will be unwavering by representation the preceding four numbers’ times and drawn-out to entirely wholesaled vouchers in all sequences.
  •  The seventh award will be resolute by representation the last four numbers 25 times and drawn-out to entirely sell tickets in completely sequence.
  • The eighth award will be resolute by the portrayal of the preceding four numbers 60 times and drawn-out to all wholesaled vouchers in all sequences.
  • If somewhat award amounts in any kind are recurrent, the similar drive is void and re-drawn.

The first award of Kerala lottery is for price rupees 65 lakhs, another Reward rupees 10 lakhs, third of rupees 1 lakh. The solace award is rupees 8000.

Tips on How to Win the Lottery

If any person wants to increase your chance of winning the lottery, there are useful tips to increase your winnings.

  1. Play the right games. 

There are several sorts of Kerala lottery games that you might play. In any person that joins the state lottery draw, there is a lot more extensive figure pool as contrasted with a state lottery or local. In a local lottery, you must be present physically between the draw. However, the chance of winning is higher contrasted and across the national lottery.

Today Kerala Lottery Guessing Number Tricks, Tips, Formula & Prediction

Win-Win Kerala Lottery Chart

If you are an immense performer and gain an approximate solace award at that time,  you have a predisposition to play on your particular trick. Therefore, there devoted a lottery chart under for you.

Kerala Win Win Lottery Result Chart

வினலா லாட்டரி முடிவு விளக்கப்படத்தை வெல்

Check out below previous & today updated Kerala Win Win lottery results!
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Win-Win Lottery FAQ’s

1) Where can we discover lawful online lotteries in India?

The internet is an innocent place for you to expression for and plays authorized lotteries. Approximately government websites are providing online lottery. However, they come with quite a few restraints. The superior choice is to play worldwide online lotteries, deprived of at all legal irritations.

  • You can take part in approximately of the largest online worldwide lottery from athwart the world
  • The money of award victors are greatly more; you can acquire up to rupees of 750 crores on one voucher.

Be alert almost one thing; if you are playing online-only play on the official website like Kerala lottery results. It provides you right to use to the prime lotteries like as Kerala lottery

As soon as it’s thrown, you can get all alerts of Kerala lottery results. You can be the next crorepati we are entirely conversation about.

2) What are the leading faults people make when they win the lottery prize?

Foremost they go to the lottery head office the subsequent day to get a payment. Next, they view there with an enormous seating smile for a picture.

Those are the dual major ones. If you get a great lottery, you have not ever to say someone who doesn’t completely want to identify. You must understand interaction with the best solicitor and bookkeeper to discover out how to save the record money. Established a financial plan; thus, it takes the rest of your lifetime.

3) How long does it takings to get lottery winnings?

Preparing times just as prize limits change with each state; however, as a rule, the bigger the prize, the more it will take to gather your winnings.

No reason to alarm, but. You will get your cash inside a reasonable measure of time regardless. When you have approached with the winning ticket, you can anticipate the ordinary scenarios:

Today Kerala Win Win Lottery Results

Kerala Lottery Verification Update: We always advised to all winners kindly verify your lottery ticket from Kerala government verified Agencies or Kerala Government Gazette under 30 days other wise government or agencies will not responsible for any issue!

கேரள லாட்டரி சரிபார்ப்பு புதுப்பிப்பு: 30 நாட்களுக்குள் கேரள அரசு சரிபார்க்கப்பட்ட முகவர் நிலையங்கள் அல்லது கேரள அரசு வர்த்தமானியில் இருந்து உங்கள் லாட்டரி சீட்டை தயவுசெய்து சரிபார்க்க அனைத்து வெற்றியாளர்களுக்கும் நாங்கள் எப்போதும் அறிவுறுத்தினோம்!

Kerala Lottery Guessing Number Formula Prediction

கேரள லாட்டரி யூக எண் எண் ஃபார்முலா கணிப்பு

Yesterday Kerala Lottery Results

நேற்று கேரள லாட்டரி முடிவுகள்

Today Lottery Results

இன்று லாட்டரி முடிவுகள்

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Karunya Lottery Results
கருண்யா லாட்டரி முடிவுகள்
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