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Today Karunya Plus Lottery Result 2019: Karunya Plus inducement is detained on all Thursdays. Every single lottery Voucher is characterized by an alphabetic code, and the Karunya Plus code is “KN” depiction comprises inducement number end to end with the encryption. The lottery voucher Karunya Plus price rupees is.40. Kerala lottery sector statements the lottery in 12 sequences, and the series possibly will contrast.

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Today Karunya Plus Lottery Result 2019

  • Name: Karunya Plus
  • Voucher of price: RS. 40
  • Price of Award: RS. 50,00,000
  • Day of Draw: Thursday

Practically 108 lakh vouchers were delivered all-time for a jumble sale. Karunya Plus draw voucher has nine awards counting solace award. The first award champion will come to be 80 lakh rupees.

Reward Claim of Kerala Tickets:

The champions of  Lottery intend to submit the Persuasive Voucher inside 30 existences of the inducement and give in to whole essential documents end to end with Winning Voucher.

Kerala Lottery winner up to 1 Lakh demanded from the Constituency Lottery Headquarters of Kerala Supervision. Kerala lottery award champions will come to be their award cash from somewhat lottery workshop in Kerala if the award cash is a smaller amount than rupees 5000 if the amount is overhead rupees 5000 they have to submit their vouchers in supervision lottery agency with id evidence for the prerogative.

Lottery tax deduction 30 percent and mediator directive 10 percent Awards up to rupees 1 Lakh possibly will be requested from the Region Lottery Agencies fretful. Award-winning vouchers overhead Rs.1 Lakh intends to be given in earlier the Executive of Lotteries, later sticking the sign, title, and address of the award winner on the back of the vouchers with the subsequent essential documents.

Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery results

Lottery Ticket Agents

The Sector of Lotteries has an extensive circulation system containing further than 35,000 mediators and overhead 100,000 venders.  At all Indian who is overhead the age of 18 can grow into a Kerala lottery Agent.

Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery Result Chart

கேரள கருண்யா பிளஸ் லாட்டரி முடிவு விளக்கப்படம்

Check out below previous & today updated Kerala Karunya Plus lottery results!
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Karunya Plus KN 289 Official Result 07-11-2019
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Karunya Plus lottery has the first award of rupees 80 lakhs. Its another award is for rupees 5 Lakhs, and the third reward is for rupees 1 Lakh. The solace award for the Karunya lottery is rupees 8000. The amount of an on its voucher for this draw is rupees 40, and that of a reserve is rupees 1000. Karunya Plus lottery inducement is held all Thursday.

Compulsory Document for Winner

  1. Kerala lottery award entitlement claim at the side of a Photostat copy of for each side of the fee voucher, self-genuine.
  2. Dual Visa size photographs of the award-Kerala lottery front-runner are promptly authentic by a Newspaper Officer.
  3. A receiving for the award inside the prearranged sort pinning an imprint price rupees 1 with complete address of the lottery-winner.
  4. If the lottery champion possibly will be a negligible, Protection certificate from an experienced consultant.
  5. In the situation of lottery shared privileges, one in all of the award-winners must be certified to accept the award and a ‘Combined Declaration’ in imprint paper price rupees 50 must be implemented.
  6. Lottery champions Identity proved duplicate of the PAN Card.
  7. Demonstrated document to verify identity ID Card.

Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery Prizes updates daily lottery results chart, the cost of ticket is Rs.40/- only (face value 26.8 +GST! If you want to but lottery ticket check out our guide at Kerala Lottery results daily! தினசரி லாட்டரி முடிவு விளக்கப்படத்தை புதுப்பிக்கிறது, டிக்கெட்டின் விலை ரூ .40 / - மட்டுமே (முக மதிப்பு 26.8 + ஜிஎஸ்டி! நீங்கள் விரும்பினால் ஆனால் லாட்டரி டிக்கெட் தினமும் கேரள லாட்டரி முடிவுகளில் எங்கள் வழிகாட்டியைப் பாருங்கள்!
1st Prize
Rs :8,000,000/-
Consolation Prize
Rs. 25,000/-
2nd Prize
Rs :1,000,000/-
3rd Prize
Rs :200,000/-
4th Prize
Rs. 5,000/-
5th Prize
Rs. 2,000/-
6th Prize
Rs. 1,000/-
7th Prize
Rs. 500/-
8th Prize
Rs. 100/-

Lottery guessing proof

We guess a number from time to time show to be the first award winner. Kerala Lottery Predicting Impervious will be reorganized quickly. Visit frequently to get impervious.

Check Kerala lottery Guessing Number!

Kerala Karunya Plus Faqs:

What should I do later purchasing a ticket?

Any specific voucher’s possession is definite by the name, statement, and sign in its behind. Therefore, don’t disremember to compose in your name, address, and sign, when you purchase the voucher.

What are the major blunders people make when they gain the lottery jackpot?

Foremost they go to the lottery head office the subsequent day to get a payment. Next, they view there with an enormous seating smile for a picture.

Those are the dual major ones. If you get a high lottery, you have not ever to say someone who doesn’t wholly want to identify. You must understand interaction with the best solicitor and bookkeeper to discover out how to save the record money. Established a financial plan; thus, it takes the rest of your lifetime.

Can I take part in the draw?

This is not Kerala supervision authorized lotteries website but has been developed to support the persons, who inducement lottery. At this time you can check the lottery result of your lottery voucher and also all information regarding

What 4-digit number arises out the utmost?

The most common numbers picked by players for Kerala Numbers and Winning the four games are 0000and 111, lottery coordinators state. After 111, the following most prominent Numbers choice is 333, followed through 222, 777, or 999. Between Win 4, they are 1111, 3333, or 2222.

How can I claim a Lottery award?

Awards up to rupees 1 lakh can be cashed at a Region Lottery Headquarters.

Prizes above rupees 1 Lakh essential apply for from the bureau of the Administrator of Government Lotteries, situated in Thiruvananthapuram, or since a bank – some of the particulars are under. You essential signature your name and compose your name and statement on the back of the disarming voucher. You determination as well as necessary to carry the following documents:

  • Privilege submission and copy of equal sides of the voucher
  • Dual passport-sized pictures of the winner, definite by an Officer
  • A reception form
  • A protection permit, if the champion is a negligible
  • The joint assertion, if there is a shared claim
  • Duplicate of the PAN card
  • Characteristics document like as Allowance Card, Driving Authorization, Visa, or Election ID

Awards could as well be applied for via Nationalized, Planned. Take the voucher and the above papers, if essential, to the bank. The bank will categorizer the privilege with the Executive of Kerala State with the subsequent documents:

  • Document of approval from the winner
  • License from the in receipt of the bank
  • A permit from the assembling bank

Today Kerala Win Win Lottery Results

Kerala Lottery Verification Update: We always advised to all winners kindly verify your lottery ticket from Kerala government verified Agencies or Kerala Government Gazette under 30 days other wise government or agencies will not responsible for any issue!

கேரள லாட்டரி சரிபார்ப்பு புதுப்பிப்பு: 30 நாட்களுக்குள் கேரள அரசு சரிபார்க்கப்பட்ட முகவர் நிலையங்கள் அல்லது கேரள அரசு வர்த்தமானியில் இருந்து உங்கள் லாட்டரி சீட்டை தயவுசெய்து சரிபார்க்க அனைத்து வெற்றியாளர்களுக்கும் நாங்கள் எப்போதும் அறிவுறுத்தினோம்!

Kerala Lottery Guessing Number Formula Prediction

கேரள லாட்டரி யூக எண் எண் ஃபார்முலா கணிப்பு

Yesterday Kerala Lottery Results

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Today Lottery Results

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